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Why hire a divorce attorney?

Are you considering divorce? Or maybe your spouse has already filed for divorce and left you wondering what to do next.. If any of these scenarios describe your situation, you need an attorney with years of experience to help you understand this very confusing circumstance.

Abel Molina Iniesta

Lawyer representing clients in divorce cases

Ending a marriage is both a legal and personal process. Despite the emotions you are experiencing due to the loss of your relationship, you will need to address many important questions about your properties, your children and a variety of significant changes in your life. Often, reach a divorce resolution, mutually agreed or not, that meets your needs is a challenge, but it's not impossible at all.

Working with me means that I will take charge of all legal matters, helping you ease some of your burdens and ensuring that your case is in good hands. I have helped resolve divorce cases for over 20 years, and I will use my experience to provide you with the best possible representation and keep you informed throughout the divorce process

Regardless of the amicable or non-friendly resolution method you choose, you will need to address all or any of the following questions:

Property division

Many forms of property are subject to an equitable division when you and your spouse decide to divorce..

Spousal support

You can negotiate child support or alimony if you have limited financial resources or have been the victim of domestic abuse.

Parental responsability

Parents of minors must agree to custody of the children, addressing issues such as visiting hours or what will be the main residence.

Child support

The non-custodial parent is often ordered to contribute a portion of their income to provide for their children.

I can help you understand all the factors that influence each of these issues in the divorce process and make a plan to address each of them.. I can also help you in cases involving a variety of more complex factors., including business partner divorces and same-sex divorces.

Study of cases

Real case 1 - 7:45. Telephone consultation

"We want a shared parental right (my income is low) for fortnights, but my income is low and, Sure, of the. Can we claim alimony even if we have shared childcare??family

Abel Molina Iniesta

"Yes, it would be possible."

Real case 2 - 18:15. Visit in the office and International Law

“We want to get divorced but I want to sell the apartment we have in Barcelona in the name of both. She doesn't want to sell ... what can I do?family

Abel Molina Iniesta

In this very common consultation in my office, my proposal was clear and effective: initiate a negotiation with the other owner to proceed to dissolve the co-ownership situation by mutual agreement.

from the sale was split 50%, according to each party’s percentage of the. The house was sold and the mortgage amount still pending with the bank paid off and, Finally, the distribution of the remaining amount of the sale at 50% according to your ownership quota.

In another divorce case with a similar situation, the other owner took ownership of the property, a country house in the Outes mountains in Galicia, the other owner kept it in its entirety and paid the ex-wife the amount of his “half” out.

In other cases of marriage or stable couples, the international aspects are highly important. As Lawyer trained in International Family Law and member endorsed by AIJUDEFA, International Association of Family Law Jurists, here an example: residence outside of Spain, or there is a Judgment from another country. In these cases, the applicable European Regulation must be carefully studied (Bruselas II bis, in 2022 2019/1111, food 4/2009, couples, separation, nullity 1259/2010, Marriage regime settlement 2016/1103, or stable couples 2016/1104 ...), Conventions (Resp. parental, The Hague 1996, child abduction, The Hague 1980, Food The Hague 1973 and 2007 or the CV. from Lugano ...) study if the judicial management is the responsibility of Spain or if it is better for us to decline and start in other jurisdiction more suitable.

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Abel Molina Iniesta

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