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Abel Molina, lawyer


Real case 1 – 7:45. Telephone consultation

“We want the shared custody (guarda in the Catalonian civil right) for fortnights but (my income is low)) it’s much harder for me, to cover the expenses, of the.
children when they are with me those 2 weeks. Can we claim for a pension for food ?What can I do?”

Response from Abel Molina Iniesta, lawyer: Yes, it would be possible.

Real case 2 – Time 18:15. Office visit

“We both want the divorce but I want to sell the flat that we have. in Barcelona in both our names.… She doesn’t want to sell.?What can I do?”

Response from Abel Molina Iniesta, lawyer: In this very common consultation in my office, my response was clear and effective: Initiate negotiations with the other owner in order to proceed to undo the co-owner situation. The property was valued by 2 different experts. The property was sold and the still pending mortgage was paid-off with the bank. Finally, the rest of the remaining amount. from the sale was split 50%, according to each party’s percentage of the. property.. In another divorce case, the other owner took ownership of the property, a country house in the Outes mountains in Galicia, and paid off the exwife’s “half” according to the valuation carried out.

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