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Divorce lawyer: Abel Molina

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Divorce lawyer, Abel Molina, interviewed in the Diario de Terrassa.

Entrevista del 6 de Febrero ofrecida con motivo del día internacional del letrado/a como abogado de divorcios Abel Molina (matrimonialist, criminal and traffic accidents) of Terrassa (extensive transcription).

What motivated you to be a lawyer?

When i was a kid, sometimes I did my homework between the paperwork of some office. Family matters ...
I remember formalities, hands that clasped kindly, typewriters. I am sure these flashes influenced my becoming a divorce attorney (how is it usually called).

Especially, know my rights, and obligations.

  • What are you most passionate about in this profession?

I like to disassemble problems, prevent them and find solutions. It's a creative process!. Yes, Yes. Especially, as a divorce lawyer and criminal lawyer.

It's nice to help cordially end years of living together.

Or help avoid abuse like malpractice in police stations. Question that has motivated me to make a online training capsule for detainee assistance at the police station at the request of my Bar Association (ICATER). Link Deputy.

AssistanceComisaria_LECrim + Directives on Vimeo

And it is that fundamental rights are violated at all levels. That's why i'm member of the Human Rights Commission of the Terrassa Bar Association.
Owners who have left for the weekend and their house is occupied.

A person victim of gender violence for being a woman (during divorce proceedings ...).

More?. Aggression (after a simple traffic accident ...).
By sexual freedom, for being homosexual

The animal abuse. That is why I actively collaborated with the Animal Law Commission of my Bar Association. Exciting challenges.

  • What would you say to a law student to motivate him in his career?

Train as a professional beyond domestic law. From my own experience, spend a season abroad. And do not be a general lawyer or make long lists of procedures. You won't be really great at anything.

The marital or relationship crisis, penal and the traffic accidents are my specialties. Interconnected and feed back. Less is more.

Abel Molina Iniesta

Lawyer and accredited mediator expert in Terrassa in:

Matrimonial, criminal and traffic accidents


Abel Molina Lawyer & Assoc. – Member of the Catalan Society of Family Lawyers (SCAF) – Specialized in Matrimonial – Penal – Traffic accidents (negocio.site)

I share the brief interview today 6 in diario de Terrassa newspaper. Offered as lawyer in Terrassa on the occasion of International Lawyer’s Day.
Je partage la brève interview d’aujourd’hui 6 au journal diario de Terrassa. Proposed as a lawyer in Terrassa on the occasion of International Lawyer Day.
I am sharing the short interview this Saturday in the diario de Terrassa newspaper. On the occasion of the International Lawyers' Day as a lawyer at Terrassa.

Today on saturday、diario de Terrassa Share a brief interview that the newspaper provided to me as a lawyer on International Lawyer Day。

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Abel Molina Iniesta

Lawyer specialized in family law and traffic accidents