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May 15, 2022 international family day, new families and more.

Life evolves through time. An adaptation to the changes that are taking place in society. We are internalizing more ways of seeing our environment, whether we make them ours or not, that allow us to move forward. New realities that little by little allow us to have a broader perspective and think outside the “small box” or patterns ...

And the traditional concept of family, new families and more, has also been growing in the social landscape to modernize. Married and unmarried families, from papa and papa or mama and mama, single parents, for example.

It is what the Anglo-Saxons call an open mind or openminded.


The nowadays traditional family, straight and married, It is not the only family model. It is not the only perfect "nest" where you can raise, children. And proof of this is that if the traditional or traditional model is so perfect:

Why did a law have to be “invented”?, ..., to disunite those who did not wish to be together?.


Therefore, the ideal environment for emotional growth, psychological, educational… of the children is not necessarily thetraditionalfamily.

And this is an evolution like the one that occurred long ago. In the past, children were only recognized within marriage and, step by step,  they recognized themselves with themselves rights to the children inside and outside the marriage. And in this sense the legislation of the most advanced countries, as here in Spain, a new shape and scope has been given to the new family models.

Haven't you heard of any sentence about the custody of our (beloved) puppy?.

Nowadays it is very common to hear: “the dog is like a member of the family”. And that “Do not touch our, puppy, ".

We are talking about the dog, cat, guinea pig, and a long etc. And we don't realize, and bridging the gap, that we are immersed in that pleasant, step forward… The exceptions that I mentioned, twist that even allows us to regulate how we will relate to our partner, furry or not… in the event of the end of the marriage or the couple.

Evolution of the concept of family that should also occur in the different jurisdictions in which our courts are organized. In the same way that there is the jurisdiction of the social or labor, criminal, civil or commercial there should be in Spain a family jurisdiction. Specified in judges, administration lawyers, etc. that they are, specifically, trained in the matter and that do not depend on civil jurisdiction.

This is a claim of the lawyers that we dedicate ourselves and we are specialized, how is my case, in Family right. And not a few legal organizations also echo. This evolution is essential to be able to provide a good service to the administrator., to the citizen who goes to court because the friendly settlement, prior mediation much needed, has not solved anything, the part, of the issues that concern you.

Leaving our borders, another challenge in this area is that all countries and their legal frameworks recognize the new family models with their rights.


It has to remove all loophole, discrimination i unsafety legal having a traditional family, either a modern one or being in one country or another.


The author is

Abel Molina Iniesta, accredited lawyer. at. Terrassa Bar Association (ICATER)

Member of the Catalan Society of Family Lawyers (SCAF)

and the International Association of Family Lawyers (AIJUDEFA)

Member of the ICATER Human Rights Commission


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