Penal, stopped, Police station, lawyer, Terrace, criminal lawyer
Abel Molina, lawyer


Penal, defending, stopped, criminal lawyer, lawyer, Terrace

Real case 1 – Time 17:30. Wednesday Call from a client to the office of Abel Molina Iniesta, lawyer. Detained at the police station.

"The police have arrested our mother. We don’t know in which police station she is… nothing nothing!… why she is there….
We need you to come, lawyer"

Abel Molina, lawyer
Once the European and Spanish law is established at the police station, I carry out a private interview with the lady. Once listened to the details of the client.

I help her with the declaration in police custody.
With all the legal guarantees and assessment.

it is declared that given that she has a reasonable versión and explanation.
for the events for being detained
I inform the family.

File ended.

Penal, defending, stopped, criminal lawyer, lawyer, TerraceReal case 2 – Time 6 At the police station stays at home with the grandmother Lady. detained.

She says that her baby of 2 months stays at home with the grandmother.
and it’s time for it’s breast feeding.

Abel Molina, lawyer requested an instructing agent for Humanitarian reasons that:

– They suspend the declaration at the police station.
– A police car accompany the lady, my client, to the house to be able to breast feed her baby.
– They return to the police station with the police car to continue the declaration.
Legal confirmity agreement reached.