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Why hire a car accident attorney?

Whether you have been the victim or the cause of a traffic accident, finding yourself in this situation can be devastating. It is important that you know your rights in both cases. Anyone injured in a traffic accident is entitled to compensation, either the driver, passenger or pedestrian, and even if the accident was your fault.

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For many, Running a red light is your biggest brush with the law, but some traffic violations, including driving under the influence of alcohol, reckless driving, speeding, i drive without a license, are considered misdemeanors.

Being ticketed for a traffic violation can have negative effects on your life, especially when it comes to a lot of money. You may feel that it is not worth hiring an attorney to dispute a fine and that you have no choice but to pay it., But a skilled car accident attorney can help you avoid severe penalties for traffic violations on your driving record..

Many things must happen after a traffic accident. It can be difficult for those involved to file claims, get police reports and talk to different insurance companies.

As a traffic accident attorney, I have the necessary experience to represent your interests, connect you with an expert medical team in post-accident rehabilitation and get you the compensation you and your family deserve.

If you have been involved in a traffic accident talk to me immediately.

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If you have a traffic accident, by European law as insured You have the right to freely choose a lawyer other than the one offered by your insurance car, and the charged, home ... Your insurance will pay the bill of the chosen lawyer with a charge, according to, the limits of the contracted legal defence coverage.

Did you have an accident with a foreign vehicle in Spain or abroad? In the UK or with an English vehicle? Don't know the company of the foreign vehicle? The insurer at fault must pay part of the compensation, within 40 days of the accident. I will be happy to help you in all these situations and more..

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"We want a shared parental right (my income is low) for fortnights, but my income is low and, Sure, of the. Can we claim alimony even if we have shared childcare??family

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"Yes, it would be possible."

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