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Abel Molina Iniesta matrimonial lawyer: ex does not let manage the son's passport.

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Abel Molina Iniesta matrimonial lawyer and ex does not let him manage his son's passport.

A few months ago I shared my article published in the press about the other parent's refusal to give authorization for passport of son/daughter. A subject that in dates next to vacationsor ask customers over and over again. and this month of Julio already started is no less. It is for this reason that I repost the previous entry of this common query.


In the day to day of my work as lawyer and mediator accredited by Ministry of Justice, matrimonialist clients whose divorce or relationship ended with minor children I managed 2 years ago, 5 or 15 years old they return to the office and explain to me that there have been changes in their lives.

A very common question that I am asked by customers is related to the change of place of residence of the minor child. Another very frequent concern is also the need to obtain a passport for minor children to see relatives abroad. The obstacle is always the same:  the other father or mother does not authorize the change of residence or that the passport is managed.

Abel Molina Iniesta Lawyer Lawyer Rechtsanwalt Lawyer 弁護士
Abel Molina Iniesta Lawyer Lawyer Rechtsanwalt Lawyer 弁護士

As marriages or couples are increasingly from different origins after the breakup, one of the parents wants to go to their country in the summer so that the children can see the grandparents, cousins ​​etc. And you need a passport.

There are many other cases or examples, but these two consultations once divorced or the couple has ended, at least in me Law Firm and for me experience,  are the most frequent.

Have a parent have custody of your children, keep in Catalonia, Whether exclusive or shared, it does not give you the right to decide on issues such as those mentioned by way of example..

As an adult, you are free to go wherever you want, but you cannot take your minor children with you unless there is an agreement with the other parent or judicial authorization..

Abel Molina Iniesta, attorney and accredited mediator

You cannot decide why in the legal framework of our country, and from other countries, the decision on these issues are within the parental authority. What is different from custody. I like to tell clients to imagine parental rights as a big umbrella owned by the parents and placed above another umbrella., called custody, and that it can be both or one or the other (Depending on the custody, both have it or one or the other).

“The custody it is like a great “umbrella” protector and whose owner is the parents and who is above another “umbrella” called custody that can be of both or of one or the other.”

Abel Molina Iniesta, marriage lawyer

I will be practical and I will not enter into cases of suspension of parental authority to one of the fathers or mothers or exclusive exercise by one of them for various accredited reasons..


Our routine varies and with it our walks, dinámicas. La Sentencia de mutuo acuerdo de divorcio o de fin de pareja y relaciones con los hijos, o la decretada contenciosamente por el juez también debe adaptarse a los cambios. Y ello siempre en beneficio de los hijos aún menores. Hay casos en que los progenitores ya con vidas independientes vivían en Cuenca o Gerona o Barcelona . O bien se van a volver a casar. O se van a ir a vivir con la nueva pareja. En otras ocasiones van a aceptar una buena oferta laboral que implica desplazar la residencia a otra ciudad.

Esta adaptación la podemos alcanzar de mutuo acuerdo con el otro progenitor. En caso contrario habrá que acudir al juzgado. Y siguiendo con los dos ejemplos de cambio de residencia o autorización para obtener pasaporte del menor, debemos acudir a la Ley 15/2015. Es la Ley de Jurisdicción Voluntaria con sus posteriores reformas. This law will be the tool, the key, that will allow us to present to the court the reason for the need to change residence or obtain a passport, for example. O del por qué se autoriza o no.

Muchas veces autorizar el cambio de residencia del menor implica más cambios adicionales. If the divorced live in the same city, o cerca uno del otro ,y uno de ellos se va a trabajar a Perpignan, cualquier dirá que Francia está cerca en coche … o no si vive en Cádiz. The youngest son's school, visits from the father or mother during the week, vacation, fines de semana… Imagínense si el cambio es a más kilómetros de distancia, Japan, USA,…


As far as possible and always in benefit of the child and his well-being hay que acordar amistosamente, of the remaining amount, custody changes, o de las visitas entre otros extremos relacionados. Compensate the other parent who does not propose the change with more weeks of vacation in summer or Christmas; or relax the amount of alimony if you are not going to enjoy the company and overnight stay of your child during the week; or they will not be able to be the visits on rotating weekends and only once a month; anticipate new travel expenses, planes, trains... a long etc are options to assess to reach an amicable agreement.

Many times when an agreement is not reached, a veces por miedo a una sustracción internacional, los abogados nos encontramos que a la vez que se tramita la petición de autorización del juzgado mediante la ley citada, the other party raises some other type of legal action. For example, medidas cautelares, paralelas al otro expediente. Aquí las coordinación procesal del asunto y leyes aplicables es compleja y puede darse la suspensión del asunto gestionado mediante la ley jurisdicción voluntaria hasta que finalice el anterior expediente. Y aún siendo presentado en un momento posterior. These are procedural issues that deserve more detail..

Ustedes pueden iniciar el trámite de ley de jurisdicción voluntaria rellenando un formulario judicial. O bien hire a lawyer matrimonial and couples will always be one investment in the technical management of the matter and well-being of your children.


Greetings and have a good summer.

Abel Molina Iniesta, is lawyer and mediator, accredited by the Ministry of Justice.

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He is also member 482 of the Catalan Society of Family Lawyers (SCAF)

He is member 102 in the International Association of Family Law Jurists (AIJUDEFA)


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