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REAL CASE by Abel MOLINA family lawyer.

I am lawyer since lasts 24 years specialized in family law, and domestic partnership. Today here a real case, storytelling, by Abel Molina family lawyer:

it's always nice, gratifying, when you can help a client and get the courts to agree with us. For example, when a father or a mother requests to extinguish or reduce the alimony of his or her children.

Real case preserving confidentiality:

A parent has paid for 16 years 450 euros per month for alimony of his son.

The son reaches 22 years old but... neither study nor work.  You do not have an active search for worked.  Pone remilgos To many jobs I could do, or leave them after 4 days. He spends a good part of his time uploading videos to chats and networks where he has a “sea of ​​good time”. And he takes advantage of the pandemic to drop out of school because he doesn't like studying online. And you surely think... Terrible case or some similar thought, right??.

This real case I can assure you by experience and my professional career as an expert lawyer in marriage and parent-child relationships is very common.

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In similar cases, the son daughter”whatfamily, He doesn't want to hear about or know about the father or mother, Instead yes he calls or sends a chat when he needs pocket money, or driver's license.  but if not, not say merry christmas, or good summer, spending your holidays? “are you okay dad/mom?family.

And it is that the father or mother, if it is good to pay alimony, is also good to receive affection and respect.. Not all two duties, also rights.

“And it is that the father or mother, if it is good to pay alimony, is also good to receive affection and respect.”

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Today I am not going to deal with cases in which there is family or sexist violence.

Returning to the real case discussed: after trying to reach a prior friendly solution, they went to court. The demand for modification of measures.

After much effort, documentary evidence, witnesses and the questioning of the son himself the judge in his sentence gives us the reason:  it is an abuse that a parent has to pay alimony when the child reaches the age, sano, does not study or work, what's more, unjustifiably denies all communication.

Although the situation of each client in cases like this, or a divorce for example, resemble each other, the truth is that each person needs a suit, a tailor-made solution.

Do not forget that the law allows the procedural channel of the modification of the measures in family law. Namely, the modification of the previous sentence in which it is agreed, among other extremes, an alimony. And that modification is , for example and as in this case of success, to request the extinction of the alimony from the moment in which the sentence is pronounced; O well, subsidiarily or not, to request a reduction of your amount.

A happy ending, and not Hollywood, but of the authentic life, real.


Thanks for reading.

Abel Molina Iniesta, lawyer and mediator, accredited by the Ministry of Justice.

Specialized in, divorcematrimonial law, couples, couples.

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February 27 (AIJUDEFA)


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